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Property Management

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Responsibilities of the Rental Manager
  • List property in MLS for rent
  • Show the property
  • Complete rental application
  • collect application fee if required
  • Pull background check
  • Submit rental application & background to owners for approval (if applicable)
  • Complete lease
  • Complete POA application (if applicable)
  • Get signatures from tenants & owners
  • Send paperwork to the POA (if applicable)
  • Complete move-in form with tenants
  • Collect rent
  • track down any late rent payment
  • Screen all calls from the tenant(s)
  • Screen maintenance calls
  • contact the owner and/or proper maintenance to fix the issue
  • Send out a letter to the tenant in regards to the return of the security deposit within 30 days. (if applicable)
  • Send out a letter to the departed tenant in regards to needing more time for estimates for security deposit within 30 days.  Send out a final letter of where security monies were spent within 60 days(if applicable)
  • Sent out eviction letters if needed
  • Handle eviction request with the court if needed
  • Provide rental management statements each month & end of the year for owners tax purposes

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